Our company has been solely New Zealand owned and operated since 1978.

We have always had a strong professional focus on welding performance for the best results; working with our customers to determine the best welding products to use in the right applications to achieve the most efficient results, first time.

We work hard to stay at the forefront of welding innovations and development. We choose to represent leading manufacturers from around the world to gain access to the best research and development, latest technology, and thus the best ranges of products available.

NZ Pioneers in Welding Efficiency

Welding Engineers NZ Ltd pioneered the change which brought greater efficiencies to the NZ welding market with the introduction of flux cored wires sourced from Japan. This innovative range of products has since proven its potential by becoming widely adopted in the NZ industry.

Welding Engineers NZ Ltd continued its ground-breaking role with the introduction of metal cored wires developed by Nippon Steel Welding & Engineering, and Kobelco Welding, two of the world's leading welding wire manufacturers. The ease and speed of application of these wires substantially reduce labour costs and, combined with the very low fume levels, made these metal cored wires a great leap forward for the welding industry.

Welding machines and their accessory technology is advancing at unprecedented speeds, Welding Engineers NZ Ltd is proud to represent LORCH, the home of smart welding, and winner of the 2018 Welding World award for Best New Welding Products. LORCH have several unique technologies which clear distinguish their welding machines from the pack. First in the world to produce a "high speed" resonance inverter welder, LORCH still manufacture solely in Germany - a rarity in these days of out-sourcing - which ensures consistent high quality and lifetime reliability.

The future of welding is strongly linked to software and digitalization of processes, and change is happening at an ever increasing rate. Similar to phones, computers, cars, welding machines of today are much more advanced and efficient than the transformers of the past. The challenge is to harness this capability at a level which is understandable, easy to use, and affordable. One of the reasons Lorch stands out for us is the emphasis on building strong, robust hardware which can be easily updated with new software as the user needs change and grow.

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Core Values

We view our customers as partners to whom we supply both products and technical advice and support to the best of our ability.

quality welding supplies


integrity in business




fair value welding equipment