Kobelco Welding has been a world leader in the advancement of welding filler materials for many years. Kobe’s Technical Development group combines the work of five different research and development laboratories in their drive to lead technological advancement.

By connection with Kobelco Welding, the New Zealand engineering industry has kept up with the best in the world in the supply of welding wires and electrodes, with wires such as DW100, DW316L, MX100T, MX-A70C6LF all being introduced to the NZ market by Welding Engineers over the past 40 years.

Kobelco metal cored wires are one of the world's very best flux cored wires for ease and speed of use with very high deposition rates, virtually no spatter and exceptional low fuming.

Kobelco metal cored wires are currently available only in Japan, America, Germany and New Zealand.

If you want to make significant gains in productivity, reduce labour costs and improve the welding environment in almost all welding applications, contact us to trial the best  metal cored wires currently available in the NZ market.

 MCW compared to Solid Wire

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  • Kobe DW100

    KOBE DW100 1.2MM (20KG)

    AWS : A5.20 E71T-1C

    ISO : 17632-A: T42 0 P C 1 H10

    Japanese precision layer wound, titania type flux cored wire suitable for all-positional welding. 

    DW100 is a superb wire for out-of-position work, smooth and buttery, and the stable arc makes it a forgiving

  • Kobe DW309MoL


    AWS : A5.22  E309LMoTo-1/4

    ISO : 17633-A T 23 12 2 L R C/M 3

     Flux cored mig wire for welding stainless or dissimilar metals.

    Kobe DW309MoL is very stable with a spatter free arc, high quality weld appearance and self-releasing slag.

  • Kobe DW316L

    AWS : 5.22 E316LT0-1/-4

    ISO : 17633-A T 19 12 3 L R C/M 3

    Kobe DW316L is a highly recommended flux cored wire for welding stainless steel, can be used with CO2 or Argon CO2 mix. 

    Noted for very stable, spatter free arcs producing bright, smooth weld bead surfaces

  • Kobe DW50

    KOBE DW50 1.2MM (15KG)

    AWS : A5.20 E71T-1C/1M, -9C/9M

    ISO : 17632-A - T 42 2 P C/M 1 H5

    Kobe DW-50 is a seismic grade 3, all-positional, flux cored wire great for out-of-position work in structural fabrication.

    Versatile, easy to use, suitable for use with high currents with both CO2 and mixed

  • Kobe MX-A70C6LF

    KOBE MX-A70C6LF 1.2MM (20KG)

    AWS : A5.18 E70C-6M

    ISO : 17632-A: T42 3 M M 3 H5

    Seismic Grade 3, ideal for welding medium to thick plate joints with maximum efficiency.

    Excellent usability.

  • Kobe MX100T

    KOBE MX100T 1.2MM (20KG)

    AWS : A5.18 E70C-6C/6M

    ISO : 17632-A: T42 2 M C/M1 H5

    Best choice for all-position welding of mild steel and 490 N/mm2 high tensile steel with thin sections, very low amps, no burn-through.

  • Kobe RB26 Electrodes


     AWS : A5.1 E6013

    ISO : 2560-A-E 35 0 R

  • Kobe TGX309L FCW TIG Rod


    AWS A5.22 R309LT1-5

  • Kobe TGX316L FCW TIG Rod


    AWS :A5.22 R316LT1-5

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