Kobelco is the unified brand of the Kobe Steel Group, a world-leading Japanese manufacturer of a range of products including 800+ welding consumable products, robots, heavy machinery, steel, etc. They are justifiably proud of their reputation for quality, reliability and innovation.

Kobe’s Technical Development group combines the work of five different research and development laboratories in their drive to lead technological advancement.

Welding Engineers NZ Ltd has been the sole authorised Kobe distributor in NZ since 1996.

This enduring relationship is a key reason why the New Zealand engineering industry has kept up with the best in the world in the supply of welding wires and electrodes, with wires such as DW100, DW316L, MX100T, MX-A70C6LF all being introduced to the NZ market by Welding Engineers.

Kobe metal cored wires are one of the world's very best flux cored wires for ease and speed of use with very high deposition rates, virtually no spatter and exceptional low fuming.

Kobe metal cored wires are currently available only in Japan, America, Germany and New Zealand.

If you want to make significant gains in productivity, reduce labour costs and improve the welding environment in almost all welding applications, contact us to trial Kobe metal cored wire.

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Kobe MCW compared to Solid Wire

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