Welding Engineers supply WENZL welding products to New Zealand industry.

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  • WENZL V-2508 Piston Air Compressor

    COM V-2508 welding compressor
    COM V-2508

    The WENZL V-2508 with a 3HP, 2.2KW motor,100L tank, 990 rpm and 250L/min displacement rate is the smallest of our brand of air compressors.

  • WENZL V-6008 Piston Air Compressor

    COM V-6008 welding compressor
    COM V-6008

    The WENZL V-6008 400V 4KW Cast Iron Piston Air Compressor with a 5.5HP motor, 150L tank and 600L/min displacement rate is a very cost effective and reliable option which will meet many workplace needs.

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