Messer Proficut Gas Cutting Torch


The Proficut H 8607 gas cutting torch is a one piece heavy duty torch made to exacting German standards of engineering design. It's strong, tough, built to perform to high technical standards and last the distance under heavy constant use. Excellent value for your money.

With a change of nozzle, it can be used with any type of fuel gas.Unlike most gas cutting torches available in the NZ market, it has a three seat seal rather than two seat which ensures a tighter fitting of the cutting nozzles. Best suited for cutting up to 300 mm thicknesses.

Select from a range of hose lengths; 0.5m, 1m, 1.5m, 1.8m.

There is also an inherent safety advantage in the one piece design torches in that the mixing of the gases happens at the end of the cutting piece rather than close to the user's hand at the point where the blowpipe and cutting attachment join.

We also stock standard cutting nozzles.

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