Binzel MB24 KD Grip Torch


The MB24 KD Grip is an aircooled torch rated at 250 Amps, 60% duty cycle, (CO2). It is suitable for welding wires 0.8 - 1.2 mm and used for light to medium applications. It comes standard with a euro connector fitting and hose length to suit your requirements.

Binzel set the industry standard for MIG torches and are the most popular torch for professional welders.

The GRIP series of torches stand out for the exceptionally well designed ergonomic handle. It has soft surfaces in the grip areas to ensure best handling and a ball joint to maximise the range of movement whilst welding.

See the attached PDF for details and a list of common wear parts and consumables.

Many copy Binzel parts are now available on the market but be aware the copy quality can vary enormously. Contact us for further information and any additional requirements.

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