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LORCH Wins 2018 Welding World Award

In Europe, the UK Welding Industry holds an awards evening every 2 years. In March 2018, LORCH was nominated for and won the “Best New Welding Product Supplier” with MICORMIG & NFC products.

LORCH Wins 2018 Welding World Award

Save time, assure quality: Digital job cards offer a sizable advantage in day-to-day welding management operations.

Hold the card up to the machine and start welding. Packed with cutting-edge NFC radio technology, the job cards devised by Lorch allow the welder not only to quickly enter the welding parameters he needs, but also offer an entirely new and efficient approach to quality control.

Lorch offers a booklet made up of a card set that contains the most essential welding parameters for the 23 welding requirements most frequently encountered by welders. Standardised technology is applied to transfer the parameters to the welding machine.

When combined with rights management, the cards also serve as a tool that helps assure the quality of the welding process: Once the job parameters have been downloaded to his machine, the welder will only be able to weld within the tolerance limits specified by the standard.


Welding software, the digitalization of welding, Industry 4.0, Internet of Things (IoT), etc., it can be a bit daunting to keep up with rapid advances in technology, both to understand and to assess whether any of it will actually make a difference to the bottom-line productivity in your workplace. So, let’s recap welding technology basics.

LORCH S3 Mobile SpeedPulse XT

Extra fast. Extra low-spatter. Extra proficient handling.

Once upon a time, the Cigweld 320SP was the leading mobile pulse welding machine in the NZ market. Now in its true LORCH colours and with vastly advanced technology, the S3 Mobile SpeedPulse XT will blow you away with how far it has come!

WENZL brings Lorch welding machines to NZ

Super fast digitalised inverter power sources. Welding systems which calculate and predict adjustments ahead of time. Digitalisation of processes allowing unprecedented control and monitoring via worldwide communication devices.

Quality welds made easy

If you are MIG welding, it is well worth considering the use of a metal-cored wire (MCW) rather than a solid wire or standard flux cored wire to reduce the risk of weld defects.

Lack of skilled staff in the welding industry

Highly skilled welders can still experience weld flaws, particularly when getting used to new equipment, or under pressure to meet deadlines, however, more often than not the issue of weld defects boils down to a lack of skilled staff.


In our search for improving efficiency and reducing costs in welding processes, sometimes the obvious is overlooked. Let’s get back to basics: A useful guide is the golden rule for minimising the cost of making a weld:

kemppi welding helmets

The first rule of welding workplace safety is to identify the hazards, the second is to eliminate or minimize the risks – and that's where Welding Engineers can help.

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