Lack of skilled welding staff

Highly skilled welders can still experience weld flaws, particularly when getting used to new equipment, or under pressure to meet deadlines, however, more often than not the issue of weld defects boils down to a lack of skilled staff.

The increased demand for welders in NZ since 2010 has contributed to difficulty in finding and retaining enough skilled personnel for a number of companies, particularly in Auckland and Christchurch. Projections by NZ Ministry for Business, Innovation and Employment for welders and metal workers are that employment numbers are expected to continue to rise quickly until 2020 and at a quick, but slower, rate until 2025.

skilled welders

Maintaining productivity, efficiency, and a good standard of welding work is likely to become even more of an issue in the future and it will pay for management to be proactive in seeking ways to mitigate this.

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