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If you are MIG welding, it is well worth considering the use of a metal-cored wire (MCW) rather than a solid wire or standard flux cored wire to reduce the risk of weld defects.

metal core wire advantages

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A good MCW is more forgiving than a solid wire; it makes it easy for even apprentice welders to produce consistently good quality welds. When demonstrating our top Nippon or Kobelco metal cored wires, we will often invite the most inexperienced welder present to trial it for exactly this reason.

Unlike solid wires in which the current travels through the entire wire, in metal-cored wires the current travels only through the metal sheath. This increases the current density, producing higher deposition rates speeding up the job. More importantly, it gives better penetration and better side-wall fusion than solid wires, so consistently better welds with less defects and need for re-work.

With metal cored wires, all of the wire is deposited as metal on the job with no wastage being produced as flux to be chipped off and minimal to nil clean up is needed.

Although the initial cost of metal-cored wires is greater, the benefits offset the difference in price and lead to both improved efficiency and cost-savings. It is not the right choice for every job but does have big advantages when it fits.

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