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This Welding Assistance Resource Section is here to offer general welding advice and information to the wider welding community. 

Advantages of Downhill Welding

What advantages are there in downhill welding and how should it be used, compared with uphill welding in GMAW and FCAW?

As you may know, we use either downhill or uphill welding in the vertical position. Downhill welding is carried out with a downward progression, conversely, uphill moves in an upward progression. Downhill welding is often used for fillet welding of steel sheets due to the following advantages over uphill welding.

Design of Structural Fillet Welds

Fillet Weld Legs Determine Size and Throat of Fillet Welds 

In heavy machinery, ships, and buildings, extensive frameworks and intricate angles may be composed of many kilometres of welded joints. Among them, fillet welds are used to join corners, Ts. and lap joints because they are more economical than groove welds. That is, fillet welded joints are simple to prepare from the standpoint of edge preparation and fit-up.