How to achieve optimum welding efficiency

The biggest gains for your business can be made by improving welding operator efficiency to reduce your single biggest cost - labour.

It may involve reducing time taken to weld or rework/clean up/set up times, improving welding quality and accuracy, even simply maximising workshop layout or maneuverability or access on site jobs.

The pie chart shows the standard industry breakdown of welding costs and the importance of making savings in the labour component - what it does not show is the investment in equipment.

Because equipment costs are spread over both time (the life of the machine) and jobs, the cost to any one project is negligible - but the impact of using the right equipment on reducing labour costs can be significant.

As an example, the impact of upgrading from transformer welding machines to inverter power sources on both power savings and operational efficiency is well documented. The consistent arc starts, smooth and stable arc and improved puddle control make welding easier and lead to better bead quality and less rework. The light weight and increased portability of inverters are another big plus for the users.

Welding efficiently requires obtaining good fusion whilst also controlling a number of variables; heat input, weld bead profile, arc performance, and activities that do not add value – rework, clean up, etc.

CONTROL is the key

The latest improvements in technology give today’s welding machines much more advanced control capabilities. Software and microprocessor developments mean welding parameters can be programmed, very accurately controlled, and recorded for both repeatability and monitoring purposes. This degree of control both of and by the operator is a major factor in gaining greater efficiency.

Think of the advancement in mobile phones, from the bricks with limited capability fifteen years ago to the small slim, enormously powerful mini computers/cameras/world-reaching communication devices of today.

New technologies are similarly advancing in all aspects of the welding industry. To maximise efficiency in your workplace, investigate the benefits and features of the latest technology equipment available – you may be surprised at how fast the payback in costs can be!

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