Welding workplace safety: how we can help

Minimise Hazardous Fumes

World-leading Japanese manufacturers, Kobelco and Nippon Steel have developed special low-fume cored wires with a deposition chemistry balance for the use of higher-argon shielding gas mixtures. This combination significantly lowers the fume and spatter levels commonly associated with cored wires.

As the sole distributors of Kobelco metal cored wires and Nippon (NSSW) flux cored wires, we can provide you with the lowest fuming metal and flux cored wires in the New Zealand market. Call us for more info.

Eliminate Inhalation of Hazardous Fumes and Particulates

The best protection for your welding operator is a powered air purifying respirator. These draw air through replaceable filters to remove all particulates and air-borne pollutants and can be worn for long periods of time.

Cool, clean filtered breathing air is directed over the welders face, and the adjustable fabric face seal creates a safe and easy breathing zone for all day welder comfort. Due to the "positive pressure' principle, any harmful airborne welding fumes and dust contamination are eliminated, and this also prevents the welding lens from misting.

A range of different brand air purifying welding helmets are available in the NZ market now, talk to us for a recommendation as to what will best suit your needs.

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