Choosing the right helmet to protect you and your long term health requires thought. 

Some of the first considerations should be;

  • how much and what type of welding you do,
  • the degree of shade protection which is needed for your eyes,
  • is protection required for cutting or grinding activities,
  • what materials are being welded/fumes produced - is there good ventilation, an extraction system, or is personal respiratory protection needed?

Helmets are available as partial or full hard hats, or with enclosed respiratory systems, or with a choice of fixed, auto-darkening, or fully adjustable variable shade lenses.

Helmets can affect your comfort on the job, your overall productivity and the quality of your work.

Most important of all, the choice of helmet will make a significant difference to your long term health - so think hard and don't just buy on price.

We stock a range and can advise you on the best options for your work.

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