Sentinel A50 Air with Aristo Air PAPR

ESAB's Sentinel A50 welding helmet is latest technology specifications in a well-thought out design to make life easier for the user when welding.

The high impact, strengthened but still lightweight, shell and adjustable fitting ensure the Sentinel A50 is one of the most comfortable welding helmets available.

Combine with the Aristo Air Powered Air Purifying Respirator (PAPR) and the user has a very high standard of personal protection.

The Sentinel A50 Air from ESAB is also available at a surprisngly economic price compared to many on the NZ market.

The Sentinel A50 Air Welding Helmet with its low-profile design and central pivot point allows for maximum head clearance while the helmet is raised, ideal for working in tight spaces. Wide range of Shades ensure the helmet cab be used for welding down to 2 amp TIG, and the anti scratch lens gives lasting protection when grinding or cutting.

  • True Colour lens for crystal clear vision, Optical classification 1/1/1/2
  • Hard coated Anti-Scratch front cover lens (clear/amber),
  • Halo™ Headgear: Ergonomic, infinitely-adjustable 5 point headgear provides extreme comfort and balance 
  • Switch time Light to dark is 1/25,000 sec.
  • Externally activated Grind button. (Shade 3 grind mode),sentinel air left2 IR
  • Low amperage TIG rated ≥2amp (DC) (AC),
  • Memory – 8 location storage
  • Powered by solar cell plus replaceable battery
  • Will last 2000+ Arc hours


AS/NZS1337.1, AS/NZS1338.1, DIN plus, CE, EN175, EN 379, EN166, ANSI Z87.1, CSA Z94.3

Aristo Air PAPR

The Aristo®Air PAPR (Powered Air Purifying Respirator) system combined with the Sentinel A50 Air helmet gives heavy-duty protection from welding fume and dust when welding, gouging & grinding.

The latest in PCB Board technology allows the welder to change the air flow from 170 L/min to 210 L/min to suit the environment and application, easily seen in the LED airflow indicator on top of the PAPR.

And it's built tough for heavy-duty welding applications.

  • Li-Ion battery pack (up to 8hr duration @ maximum flow)
  • P3 filter and pre-filter
  • Audio/visual blocked filter and low battery alarms905137 Aristo Air IR2
  • LED air flow indicator
  • International intelligent charger (interchangeable pins)
  • Battery charge LED indicator
  • Flat push button membrane switch
  • Supplied with ‘new style’ comfort pad

Sentinel A50 with Aristo Air Brochure