The LORCH MX350 is the ultimate workhorse for construction site and maintenance.

Multi-process for every application.

MIGMAG, can be paired with a remote wire feed unit.

TIG and Arc welding, with the power to handle large electrodes (up to 8mm) and gouging.

Extra-Tough industrial casing protects the machine if dropped from heights of up to 60cm and has a specially designed base for extra clearance and stability. 

All-round water protection and the internal circuit boards are protected from dust by InsideCoating.

CIGWELD WeldSkill 185

The Transmig 185 Ultra is the latest addition to the well-known Cigweld range.

Single phase, multi-process, synergic inverter welding machine for smaller scale jobs or site use.

The large LED screen and easy user interface is specifically designed for Australian & NZ welders with pre-set synergic programmes for our plate thicknesses, consumables and gas types. Makes welding almost child's play - but can be customised by the more experienced welder to exactly suit their needs.

Runs on any 10amp powerpoint, machine weight of 17.4kg and compact size make it very portable.

185 Ultra Video

CIGWELD WeldSkill 185

The CIGWELD WeldSkill 185 is a single phase, multi-process inverter ideal for tradespersons or DIY.

Runs on any 10amp power point and simple to operate with regular, non-synergic control - just dial the knobs to adjust to the settings you need.

Equally easy whether you run MIG, Stick or use Lift TIG capability.

Versatile, portable, reliable and excellent value for your money.


The CIGWELD Transmig 220i is a single phase, synergic inverter welding machine with full multiprocess capability; MIG welding with an integrated wire feed unit, Stick and Lift TIG welding. Takes up to 15kg spools of MIG wire.

Fitted with VRD (Voltage Reduction Device) for Stick welding. 

Designed for the welding professional.


The CIGWELD Transmig 255i is one of the larger single phase, multi-process welding inverters, capable of Mig, Stick and Lift TIG welding.

Digital voltage and amperage control and all the features you would expect from a reliable, quality CIGWELD machine.

Ideal for onsite repairs and maintenance, medium industrial workshops, car panel repairs or serious welders who need a single phase inverter to plug in and use around  home workshops. Reliable quality at a cost effective price point.

Standard with 15 amp plug but can be upgradedto 25 amp and 4mm/2 supply lead to increase duty cycle.

Welds up to 12mm plate with up to 1.2mm consumables.


The CIGWELD Transmig 350i has been shown to be a reliable three-phase multiprocess inverter welding machine in NZ.

The digital control panel is clear and easy to operate.

the machine comes with a fully enclosed Transmig 4RT wirefeeder, and voltage reduction device (VRD applicable in stick mode only). digital voltage and amperage meters.

Will meet the operating needs of medium fabrication and heavier maintenance applications, particularly popular for use in machine fabrication workshops.