LORCH's premium pulse welding machines, the S Series with SpeedPulse XT, are the Masters of Speed

SpeedPulseXT is a uniquely innovative, patented control technology that enables higher welding speeds with a smoother process and generating less spatter. Combined with variable arc length control and dynamic control, which allow much tighter, individual control of the pulse arc and the ability to react and respond to changes such as uneven gaps, arc blow, and the result is much-improved welding efficiency.

Speed can be used to increase productivity but speeding up the welding process is only possible if penetration and weld integrity is assured and the whole process is extremely simple to use. LORCH has developed a suite of high-speed processes to do just that. 

For examples of Speed Processes in use: LORCH Speed XT Applications

For a brief explanation of the science: LORCH SPEEDPULSE XT explained

LORCH also offers the MicorMIG Pulse range of welding machines; all the benefits of the MicorMIG, such as Near Frequency Communication card control, plus the option to switch from transition arc to pulse arc when you need. Ideal when pulse welding is a smaller requirement of your daily work.

LORCH S3 mobile SpeedPulse XT

Familiar with the Cigweld 320SP? For a long time, it was the most popular pulse welding machine in NZ  and was manufactured for Cigweld by LORCH in Germany.

 The LORCH S3 Mobile SpeedPulse XT is the most advanced version of the 320SP; faster, smarter, intuitive to use, with uniquely innovative technology patented by LORCH.

The S3 Mobile is a compact, space-saving machine, easy to hang or to stow under a bench. A standard S3 SpeedPulseXT is also available, on wheels with the option to add a remote wire feed unit.

The S-series pulse machines have taken Europe by storm for aluminium, steel and stainless fabrication.

However, we strongly recommend in NZ that if you're welding aluminium - You need to try an S machine!


The CIGWELD 320SP Pulse  was the most widely used synergic Mig Pulse machine in the NZ aluminium fabrication industries for many years.

The 320SP was actually made by LORCH of Germany and rebranded as a CIGWELD machine, and is now no longer available from CIGWELD.

However, the latest variant of the 320SP is now available in NZ direct from LORCH, same quality and ease of use, upgraded with the latest LORCH cutting edge technology and called by its original name; the LORCH S3 Mobile Speed Pulse XT

LORCH S3 mobile SpeedPulse XT

A Powerful MIG-MAG Pulse welding machine with superior duty cycles and maximum productivity.

LORCH's highly developed processor technology creates seamless interaction of all parameters and components in the welding process.

The Speed and Power of the unique technologies and on-demand functionality will slash your labour and other costs whilst producing exceptional quality welds.

LORCH MicorMIG 400 ControlPro + WF

All the best features of the MicorMIG Series; MicorBoost, Speed Processes, Dynamic Control, now + Pulse! 

New in 2018, LORCH has made the pulse function accessible and affordable without sacrificing the quality of performance.

As with the MicorMIG range, The MicorMIG Pulse is available in compact or remote wire feed models, gas or water-cooled, in the 300-500 amp range.