LORCH MicorTIG 200

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The patented MicorBoost technology contributes to an almost perfect weld curve and acts like a turbocharger on a car engine: maximum power is invoked from the smallest of spaces.

Based on internal oscillations of energy and monitored by micro-controllers 1.5 million times every second, the result is increased storage of voltage and power. This process gives absolute precision control and reduces the size and weight of the inverter whilst greatly improving performance.

More about MicroBoost technology here


The MicorTIG 200 Accu-ready welder can be used with the very best of battery technology: LORCH MobilePower 1

No more searching for a mains supply or reliance on generators: this is mobile welding in a new dimension.

Weld wherever you need to – even in the most remote locations.  LORCH MobilePower 1 seitlich IR

Weld at even higher levels of productivity.

Bring your power with you. 

Battery-powered welding is a real technological challenge which LORCH were the first in the world to meet.

The amount of power required for welding is much greater than the energy needs of electric tools. This is why MobilePower 1 comprises superior high-performance batteries that feature lithium-ion technology and offer a capacity equal to 40 batteries used with ordinary cordless power drills. While other solutions fill up a large box, Lorch’s technology is small and compact, yet packs the most powerful charge available in the market today.

One battery charge lets you weld up to 28 electrodes ! 

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