Chosun CSF-71U

AWS : 5.20 E71T-9C          

ISO : 17632-A: T46 3 P C 1

Seismic Grade 3, all-positional, flux cored wire designed for butt and fillet welding high strength and low temperature steels, particularly for structural work.

Excellent quality and economically efficient.

Excellent usability with stable arc, less spattering, good bead appearance, better slag removal, and less quantity of welding fume comparable to solid wire.

Shielding gas is CO2.

Chosun is a Korean company which has technological alliances with Kobelco Welding, their wires are manufactured to a high standard of quality.

With its high seismic strength,  this is an excellent and very cost-effective wire for structural work.

Technical Specifications


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