Kobe DW100

AWS : A5.20 E71T-1C

ISO : 17632-A: T42 0 P C 1 H10

Japanese precision, titania type, all-positional flux cored wire for Seismic Grade 2 welding. 

DW100 is a superb wire for out-of-position work, the stable arc makes it a forgiving wire which is very easy to run with consistently excellent quality welds.

100% CO2 or Argon/CO2 shielding gas.

Seismic grade 2.

High deposition rate and excellent usability with soft & stable arc, less spattering & better slag removal. 

DW100 was one of the pioneering flux cored wires produced by Kobelco and introduced to NZ many yeares ago. It quickly became the premier wire for the butt and fillet welding of mild steel and high tensile steel in NZ and has remained in high demand ever since, largely because Kobe has continued to refine and expand the capabilities of DW100 and manufacture it to meticulous Japanese flux cored wire production standards.

Technical Specifications


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