Nippon SF-3A

AWS : A5.36 E71T1-M21A4-CS1  

EN SO 17632-A: T 46 4 Z P M 1 H5

Often referred to as Nippon SF-3A, this is a seamless, all-positional, rutile flux cored wire designed for welding of steel with impact requirements down to -40 °C such as grade E, often used in shipbuilding. 

Common applications include welding mild steel and 3490MPa high tensile strength steel for ships, machinery, steel structures, bridges, ships, rolling stock, etc.

Due to the seamless design, Nippon SF3A has an extremely low hydrogen content, (typical of ≤2.8 ml/100g), which greatly reduces the possibility of cold cracks.SF-3A emits little welding fume and minimal spatter. and has great weldability in all positions.

The shielding gas is Argon/CO2 mixed, which ensures excellent weldability and a stable arc.

Nippon SF3A has a clean double copper coated surface which together with exact diameter and roundness, ensures stable and even wire feeding.

Nippon Steel Welding & Engineering Co. Ltd produce the SF-3A which is distributed in Australia and New Zealand by Welding Engineers NZ Ltd.

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