Metal cored gas-shielded wire combines the high deposition rates of a flux cored wire with the high efficiencies of a solid wire.

Productivity improves with the increased deposition rates and higher travel speeds, combine this with the minimal spatter and lack of clean up required due to the slag free welds and it is clear why metal cored wires are often the smartest choice.

For horizontal, fillet or butt welding, they cannot be beaten. Combined with a pulse machine or in robotic applications, their application is further extended.

Metal cored wires do cost more on a per kg basis than solid or flux cored wires. However, in almost all applications, labour accounts for approximately 85% of the total cost of the welding work and the significant productivity increase gained by switching to metal-cored wire will out-weigh the increase in the filler metal cost. 

In addition, a high quality metal-cored wire like KOBE MX-A70C6LF or NIPPON SM-3A runs much cleaner and smoother than solid wire - which means less wear and tear on tips, liners, drive rollers, etc, leading to savings in other consumable costs as well.

Metal cored wires are not all equal in performance so it really does pay to trial before using.

Kobelco Welding (KW) and Nippon (NSSW) metal cored wires are the best quality available in the NZ market, call us to arrange a demonstration.

 Faster, more efficient, better quality welding will decrease the largest cost component of your work – Labour.

Nippon NSSW wire

AWS : A5.36 E81T9-C1A8-Ni1-H4

ISO : 17632-A; T42 4 Z M M 1 H5


KOBE MX-A70C6LF 1.2MM (20KG)

AWS : A5.18 E70C-6M

ISO : 17632-A: T42 3 M M 3 H5

KOBE MX100T 1.2MM (20KG)

AWS : A5.18 E70C-6C/6M

ISO : 17632-A: T42 2 M C/M1 H5

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