Chosun MC-50T

AWS : 5.18 ER70S-6 
ISO : 14341-A G 42 A 3 C1[M21] Z or
ISO :14341-B G 49 A 3 C1[M21] S12

MC-50T is a solid wire whose arc stability is good at low current ranges (short-circuiting arc range) and spatter loss is low.
Suitable for all-position welding of steel sheets by CO2 or Ar+CO2 mix gas shielding, for higher speed welding. Very stable arc at wide range of currents.

Applications: Butt and fillet MAG structural welding of buildings, bridges, ships, vehicles, electric appliances, etc.

MC-50T was introduced to the NZ market by Welding Engineers NZ Ltd in 2006 and has  been widely used since then.

Chosun is a Korean company which manufactures welding wire and electrodes with excellent performance, consistently reliable quality, and very good value for money.

Technical Specifications


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