2018 Welding World Awards - LORCH takes out the "Best New Welding Product Supplier" for the ground-breaking MicorMIG range against stiff competition from the likes of EWM, Fronius, Kemppi, Lincoln, Esab, etc.

MicorMIG welding machines feature MicroBoost and Near Card Frequency technologies to maximise high efficiency.

Check out the MicorMIG machines in stock at Welding Engineers NZ Ltd below!

Today, it is a new age in industrial welding...

  • Super fast digitalized inverter power sources
  • Micro processors monitoring ARC at 1.5 million times per second
  • Software control 
  • Digitalization of processes allowing unprecedented control and monitoring via worldwide communication device

To mention just a few!

German company LORCH is at the absolute cutting edge of technology advances and innovation with their patented processes, including the highly impressive Micor Controller Resonance, Speed-Pulse XT, Speed Up, and more. They were a stand-out at the 2017 ESSEN Welding Show for their "out of left field" thinking which has really driven the potential for efficiency gains without sacrificing ease of use.

One of the Big Four welding manufacturers in Europe, LORCH has been manufacturing welding machines for trade and industry across the globe for 60 years and keeps 100% of their manufacture in Germany. From small, highly portable electrode welding units to fully automated welding solutions for continuous use in industry: LORCH has product solutions to meet any welding challenge.

LORCH Warranty - Lorch industrial machines are backed by an exceptional full 3 Year industrial warranty - no matter how many shifts you run!

LORCH pulse machines are the Masters of Speed. Speed signifies more than just speed. Speeding up the welding process is only possible if the penetration and weld integrity are assured and the whole process is extremely simple to use. As an example, Speed-Pulse XT extends standard pulse technology by adding a secondary spray arc behind the primary pulse droplet: result high melt-off efficiency with higher welding speed ( up to 48%), with deep penetration and improved arc control. 

LORCH has set the standard for vertical up welding in their Speed Up process by combining two focussed arcing phases; "hot" phase with high energy deposition and "cold" phase with lower energy input and short arc. The result is "Simple" vertical up welding with straight, smooth guiding of the torch and no weaving required!

These two examples are just the beginning in discovering the smartness of LORCH...

LORCH Masters of Speed - Youtube

Check out the LORCH website here

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  • LORCH HandyTIG

    LOR 10801800

    Handy by name, handy by nature! TIG and electrode welding, ACDC and DC models available.

    This little TIG welding inverter is ideal for use on construction sites or out in the

  • LORCH MicorMIG 350 - Basic Plus

    LORCH MicorMIG 350
    LOR MM350C B+

    LORCH MicorMIGs simply set new standards in MIG welding. Designed to be all-round, versatile, compact MIG machines suitable for every application, their unique patented MicorBoost technology ramps up the power to out-perform the competition.

    The smallest of

  • LORCH MicorMIG 400 - Basic

    LORCH MicorMIG 400
    LOR MM400R B

    Want the most efficient MIG welder at a very competitive price? 

    The MicorMIG 400 delivers power beyond the norm thanks to the unique LORCH patented MicorBoost technology. Versatile, robust, simple to control. For steel, stainless, aluminium,

  • LORCH MicorMIG 400 - Basic Plus

    LORCH MicorMIG 400
    LOR MM400R B+

    All Basic Plus models of the MicorMIG range are fitted with entry level, upgradeable synergic operating panel. 

  • LORCH MicorMIG 400 - ControlPro with Remote Wirefeed

    LORCH MicorMIG 400 ControlPro + WF
    LOR MM400R CP

    Future-proof your business with the latest technology encased in a top quality German engineered welding machine system.

    It has never been easier or more affordable to upgrade a welding system as your needs change, ControlPro gives you options

  • LORCH MicorMIG 500 - Basic Plus

    LORCH MicorMIG 400 ControlPro + WF
    LOR MM500R B+

    Powerful MIG-MAG all rounder for every application. 

    Future-proof your business with the latest technology encased in a top quality German engineered welding machine system.

    It has never been easier or more

  • LORCH MicorMIG PULSE 400 ControlPro with Remote Wirefeed

    LORCH MicorMIG 400 ControlPro + WF

    All the best features of the MicorMIG Series; MicorBoost, Speed Processes, Dynamic Control, now + Pulse! 

    New in 2018, LORCH has made the pulse function accessible and affordable without sacrificing quality of

  • LORCH MicorStick 160 ControlPro Accu-ready

    LORCH MicorStick 160
    LOR 11116250

    Compact, robust, and powerful arc welding inverter for perfect electrode welding.

    Light, at under 5 kg, and protected if dropped from heights of up to 80cm.

    Ideal for demanding site jobs, LORCH's MicroBoost technology puts this little

  • LORCH MicorTIG 200 BasicPlus VRD Accuready

    LOR 10820020

    DC TIG welding inverter with MicroBoost Technology - this is a seriously awesome little machine!

    The innovative, on-demand technology gives great efficiency gains compared to conventional inverters of this type and lowers power consumption.


  • LORCH S3 mobile SpeedPulse XT

    LORCH S3 mobile SpeedPulse XT
    LOR 22032001

    Familiar with the Cigweld 320SP? Made by LORCH and, for a long time, the most popular pulse welder in NZ.

     The LORCH S3 mobile SpeedPulse XT is the latest version; faster, smarter, intuitive to use, with incredibly innovative technology which is  unique

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