Today is a new time in industrial welding

Yes, it is a challenge to keep up, to harness the best of the new technologies of Industry 4.0 to maximise efficiency and remain competitive on what is more and more a global stage. It's not only a challenge to understand the technologies, there are also the challenges of price and determining what is the most cost effective, viable option which will deliver real benefits.

Another step forward in this battle is the introduction of LORCH smart welding systems to New Zealand.

LORCH stood out for us at the 2017 ESSEN Welding Fair for their absolute cutting edge technology and level of innovation with their patented processes, including the highly impressive Micor Controller ResonanceSpeed-Pulse XTSpeed Up, and more. In our opinion one of the three leading welding system technology manufacturers in Europe, LORCH has been researching and developing welding machines for trade and industry use across the globe for over 60 years.

Importantly, LORCH industrial machines offer an affordable entry into the newest technologies and are designed to be easily upgradeable with improved software processes as and when needed.

lorch exhibition 2017

LORCH’s new processes have given rise to the term “Masters of Speed”, but it’s not just about speed. Speeding up the welding process is only possible if the penetration and weld integrity are assured and the whole process is simple to use.

As an example, LORCH has set the standard for vertical up welding in their Speed Up process by combining two focused arcing phases; "hot" phase with high energy deposition and "cold" phase with lower energy input and short arc. The result is simple vertical up welding with straight, smooth guiding of the torch and no weaving required!

LORCH manufacture 100% of their systems in Germany, no out-sourcing and rigorous quality control. It’s why LORCH back their industrial machines with an exceptional full 3 Year industrial warranty - no matter how many shifts you run.

For us, LORCH smart welding systems stand out for how easy it is to reach and maintain maximum efficiency in manual welding with consistently beautiful results. The future is exciting!!

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