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Our aim is Perfect Welding and, with what we believe are the highest quality wires available in the NZ market today, we are ready to back this up.

Welding Engineers NZ Ltd is the largest New Zealand stockist of welding wire, our main products are seamless cored welding wires from Japan. As a small, seismically active nation with a large coastline, NZ has much in common with Japan and continues to benefit from Japanese advanced research, technology and meticulous engineering and manufacture in the construction field. Check out the Brands and Welding Wire pages for more information.

Over the years, our product range has expanded in response to growing demand from customers for equipment and consumables to compliment our welding wires.

 We believe keeping up with the constant advances in the industrial welding field and enabling customers to make fully informed decisions about the right changes to make is crucial for our customers' competitiveness. Our focus is on the forefront of technology, but also on quality of manufacture and long-life reliability of machines and accessories.

A major addition to our range came in 2017 after attending the International Welding Trade Fair at Schweissen, Germany, when Welding Engineers NZ Ltd representatives were very impressed with both the current and future capabilities of LORCH smart welding machines and became an agent for LORCH in NZ. 

Although synergic welding machines have been around for a few years now, they were just the beginning of the changes in workshop floor operation and control, quality control, regulatory requirements, automation which are already a reality in Europe, Japan, and  will impact on New Zealand businesses in years to come.

Digitalization will transform the welding industry, the key is to harness the right technologies to increase productivity and ride the wave of change.

Why Buy From Us?

We won't try to sell you gear you don't need, but we will work alongside you to solve welding problems and ensure your work is done in the most efficient, affordable and future-proof way possible. We aim to be your welding solutions partner and preferred supplier for many years to come.

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Mains. Generator. Battery. Smallest, lightest, toughest in class. 200amp DC TIG with HF, CEL electrode capable.

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