Synergic Mig inverter welding machines are standard in the industry now. The more advanced digital control machines have many options to improve efficiency and reduce costs but it can be confusing to understand and compare. It may help to review: Synergic Welding Explained.

Just as there was a big leap forward from transformers to inverters, the new High Speed Resonance inverter welding machines promise even greater efficiencies. Developed by LORCH of Germany, these innovative technologies not only improve speed but other key welding parameters to optimize productivity.

LORCH was awarded "The Best New Welding Product Supplier" in the 2018 Welding Worlds Awards for the uniquely innovative MicorMIG range of welders with MicorBoost and NFC technology. Learn more about LORCH here: LORCH Smart Welding

And if you are looking for a simple, affordable way to monitor and document welding, control costs, improve productivity, LORCH has the answer.

LORCH CONNECT - it's not such a big leap into Industry 4.0 after all. Data generated during welding can be monitored, recorded, and analyzed. Improve productivity, control costs, ensure and document WPSs are followed, etc.

A CONNECT Gateway box is built into LORCH S Series pulse welders, or attach the small Gateway box to the LORCH MicorMig welders, all data generated during welding is relayed to LORCH CONNECT on the web and can be accessed by you immediately. No big outlay on IT, free access for the first 12 months, then a low monthly fee.

LORCH MicorMIG 400 ControlPro + WF

Powerful MIG welding machine fully optimized for Australian and New Zealand conditions.

Very customizable. Available as a compact model or with a remote wire feed unit, strengthened industrial casing; gas-cooled, or water-cooled variants.

High-efficiency resonance inverter, Near Frequency Communication technology for upgrading or job management, and Lorch Wi-Fi Connect technology for big data management makes these machines the most technologically advanced GMAW (MIG-MAG) and FCAW systems on the planet.

Don't be put off by the technology though - these machines are simple to operate, dependable, and robust - everything you want in a welder. 

LORCH S-RoboMIG XT Cobot Welding Package

The Lorch Cobot Welding Package consists of a collaborative robot (Cobot), the “Lorch Cobotronic Software” application and a Lorch S-RoboMIG XT welding system including high-performance torch.

This is welding automation designed and made by welding experts for welding businesses, make your team stronger. Quick to use and intuitive to operate for consistently high-quality, reproducible welding results with the key aim of increasing productivity and saving you money. Cost effective, smart welding to meet the demands of both today and the future.

The Lorch Cobot Welding Package has arrived in New Zealand, read more below and give Derek a call to discuss on 021 5456 546.


The CIGWELD Weldskill 250 is one of the largest single phase transformer Mig machines in the NZ market.

Designed for the tradesmen, farmer or DIY handyman that needs consistent, quality welds.

CIGWELD welding machines have a long history in the NZ market and a reputation for reliability and robustness.

The Weldskill 250 provides excellent arc performance with solid and flux coated welding wires and can be used for welding with gasless wires.


The CIGWELD Weldskill 350 is a three phase MIG welder with the option to add a wire feed unit and be able to weld from either the machine or the wire feeder at the flick of a switch, which can save a lot of set up time on some jobs.

Lighter than many other comparable welding machines of its size.

350amps @30% duty cycle, runs 0.6mm - 1.2mm wires with ease.

Really good robust welder for small workshops, repair work, farms, where three phase power is available.