LORCH MicorMIG 400 - ControlPro


Future-proof your business with the latest technology encased in a top quality German engineered and manufactured inverter welding machine.

The LORCH MicorMIG with Near Frequency Communication swipe cards won the Best New Welding Product award in Europe in 2018.

LORCH have designed and build their welding machines as tough as possible to last a lifetime - with regular software upgrades to keep you up with the latest welding technology.

It has never been easier or more affordable to upgrade a welder as your needs change, the ControlPro operating system gives you options now and in the future! 

Easy to upgrade welding programs, processes, usage control with a swipe of an Near Frequency Communication card, (e.g.PayWave).

Versatile, robust, simple to control, intuitive digital interface.

Gas and water cooled variants.

The MicorMIG Series delivers power beyond the norm thanks to the unique LORCH patented MicorBoost technology for outstanding welding performance.

Its a big decision to invest in an inverter welder, make your money work for you long term, phone 09 634-1949 to talk to us first!

MicorMIG 400 ControlPro - with an eye to the future

The "3 step" operating concept

Select process, adjust welding current, fine-tune the arc. 

Dynamic Control

Adjust the 21 step dynamic arc control to suit and the intelligent technology working behind the scenes will automatically control all essential parameters to match and achieve a perfect weld every time.

Job management

The ControlPro display with Tiptronic function and the LORCH Near Frequency Communication (NFC) card makes it a snap to store welding tasks and retrieve and transfer them to other LORCH smart machines as necessary.

Crater Filling

Activate the end crater filling setting to ensure perfect rounded ends to your weld seams every time.

Perfect Electrode Welding

A MIG-MAG system that can easily handle electrodes, including special electrodes for gouging. Simply remove the torch, connect the additional electrode holder to the electrode socket, and select electrode welding in the control panel.

MicorBoost Technology

The patented MicorBoost technology contributes to an almost perfect weld curve and acts like a turbocharger on a car engine: maximum power is invoked from the smallest of spaces.

Based on internal oscillations of energy and monitored by micro-controllers 1.5 million times every second, the result is increased storage of voltage and power. This process gives absolute precision control and reduces the size and weight of the inverter whilst greatly improving performance.

More about MicroBoost technology here

Ready for Speed:   

   SpeedUp sets a new standard for vertical upwelding of solid wire - no weaving or oscillation required, just simple constant pull up. Easier, faster and better root penetration and throat thickness.

   SpeedArc creates a focussed, increased arc pressure using enormous energy density. This flows into the weld pool and results in up to 30% faster welding speeds, improved penetration and high deposition rates. Better yet, the highly concentrated stable arc of the SpeedArc can also be used with long stick out for welding into narrow joints.

Plus more Speed options available to add as needed:

Learn more about the Lorch Speed Processes

LORCH Warranty
100% manufactured in Germany and backed by a full 3 Year industrial warranty - no matter how many shifts you run.


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