LORCH MicorMIG 350 - BasicPlus


 LORCH MicorMIGs set new standards in MIG welding. All-round, versatile MIG welders with the unique patented MicorBoost technology which ramps up the power to out-perform the competition.

The smallest of the three phase range, the MicorMIG 350 BasicPlus is a compact model with internal wire feeder, ideal for portability.

The BasicPlus operating panel is entry level, easily upgradeable, synergic operation for smooth perfect arc with adjustable dynamic control.

For a 300amp mig welder, you would be hard pressed to weld better than with a LORCH MicorMIG.

MicorMIG 350 Basic Plus will grow with your challenges

Begin with the "3 step" operating concept

Select process, adjust welding current, fine-tune the arc. Need more? The MicorMIG versions BasicPlus and ControlPro offer a large number of welding programs for various materials, wire and gas combinations. Using LORCH NFC digital interface cards, it is as easy as "Pay Wave" to upgrade as your work changes.

Dynamic Control

Individually adjust the dynamics of the arc to suit and the intelligent arc control technology working behind the scenes will automatically control all essential parameters to match and achieve a perfect weld every time.

Crater Filling

Activate the end crater filling setting to ensure perfect rounded ends to your weld seams every time.

MicorBoost Technology

The patented MicorBoost technology contributes to an almost perfect weld curve and acts like a turbocharger on a car engine: maximum power is invoked from the smallest of spaces.

Based on internal oscillations of energy and monitored by micro-controllers 1.5 million times every second, the result is increased storage of voltage and power. This process gives absolute precision control and reduces the size and weight of the inverter whilst greatly improving performance.

More about MicroBoost technology here

Optional Speed Processes:   

   SpeedUp sets a new standard for vertical upwelding of solid wire - no weaving or oscillation required, just simple constant pull up. Easier, faster and better root penetration and throat thickness.

   SpeedArc creates a focussed, increased arc pressure using enormous energy density. This flows into the weld pool and results in up to 30% faster welding speeds, improved penetration and high deposition rates. Better yet, the highly concentrated stable arc of the SpeedArc can also be used with long stick out for welding into narrow joints.

Learn more about the Lorch Speed Processes

LORCH Warranty
100% manufactured in Germany and backed by a full 3 Year industrial warranty - no matter how many shifts you run.


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