LORCH S3 Mobile SpeedPulse XT

Familiar with the Cigweld 320SP? For a long time, it was the most popular pulse welding machine in NZ  and was manufactured for Cigweld by LORCH in Germany.

 The LORCH S3 Mobile SpeedPulse XT is the most advanced version of the 320SP; faster, smarter, intuitive to use, with uniquely innovative technology patented by LORCH.

The S3 Mobile is a compact, space-saving machine, easy to hang or to stow under a bench. A standard S3 SpeedPulseXT is also available, on wheels with the option to add a remote wire feed unit.

The S-series pulse machines have taken Europe by storm for aluminium, steel and stainless fabrication.

However, we strongly recommend in NZ that if you're welding aluminium - You need to try an S machine!

Speed Processes

SpeedPulseXT and SpeedArcXT are standard processes included on every S series machines whilst additional, more specialised Speed processes (TwinPulseXT, SpeedUp, SpeedRoot, SpeedCold), are available to add as and when required.

   SpeedPulse XT is up to 48% faster than automatic pulse welding, up to 35% faster than manual pulse welding, and up to 15% faster than standard Mig-Mag welding. Faster welding means improved efficiency and better cost-effectiveness. SpeedPulse also produces a significantly deeper penetration compared to standard pulse welding.

   SpeedUp sets a new standard for vertical upwelding of solid wire - no weaving or oscillation required, just simple constant pull up. Easier, faster and better root penetration and throat thickness.

Learn more about the Lorch Speed Processes

Digital Connectivity

LORCH S series machines have digital capability built-in, easy, and very cost-effective to connect to the Lorch Connect data management system. No big upfront investment required and a simple, effective introduction to Industry 4.0 technology. 

Dynamic Control

Highly developed processor technology provides for the seamless interaction of all parameters and components involved in the welding process. The results of this smooth interaction are superior duty cycle levels and maximum productivity.

The 300 to 500 ampere models included in Lorch’s S SpeedPulse XT-series are powerful enough to weld materials of all levels of thickness, with the fine control to weld thin sheet material exceptionally well.

The Lorch S3 mobile SpeedPulse XT with trolley wheelset will meet all your mobility needs as it allows you to both carry the unit and move it on its wheels.

Operating equally well with argon-CO₂ mixed gas and 100% CO₂, Lorch’s S3 mobile SpeedPulse XT is perfectly equipped for international use.

ISO EN 1090-certified
As synergetic control and automatic setting control are built in, Lorch’s S3 mobile SpeedPulse XT is guaranteed to produce welding results that are in conformity with the ISO requirements. 

Fully customisable
Every welding machine included in Lorch’s S SpeedPulse XT-series is fully customisable, allowing you to find the machine that matches your welding requirements perfectly.

S3mobile SpeedPulse XT Brochure

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