LORCH MicorTIG 200

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LOR 10820020

Another world's first from Lorch - high speed TIG inverter with HF ignition capable of running on battery power!

This powerful little DC TIG welding inverter with Lorch's unique MicroBoost Technology is a seriously awesome machine, maximum versatility and toughness.

Up to 200 amps TIG welding, 180 amps Stick with CEL capability, in a 6.8 kg portable package.

Ultimate flexibility both in the workshop and on site with capability to run off mains power, generator, or Lorch's mobile battery - and offset any supply fluctuations with ease.

Robust and protected if dropped from heights of up to 80cm, three times the standard required, keeps welding without a beat.

The video below shows the machine welding working from a 110 volt supply with 44 metre mains leads, on both MMA and Tig. 

 It also shows the HF ignition quality, striking a 2.4mm Tungsten at 5 amps and also striking an arc with a 25mm air gap. 

MicorTIG 200 in use

MicorTIG 200 - long cables

Excellent electrode welding as well as TIG, the MicorTIG 200 can even pulse! So exceptionally well suited to welding thin sheets.

And the innovative, on-demand MicorBoost technology gives great efficiency gains compared to conventional inverters of this type, and lowers power consumption.

Easy, intuitive user control with LCD display, clearly structured diagrammatic options: MicorTIG 200 Operating Panel

Cab be paired with the Lorch Powermaster remote control torch to make operating at a distance easy.

  • Accuready = unique flexibility with the Power Factor Correction Module means it can utilise Mains power, Generator or LORCH MobilePower Battery
  • Full HF ignition even on battery power.
  • Pulse function with up to 5 kHz
  • For standard and CEL electrodes
  • Light weight at 6.8kgs
  • Fitted with Voltage Reduction Device for increased safety in hazardous environments
  • 3 Full Year Industrial Guarantee

Lorch MicorTIG 200 

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