LORCH T300 BasicPlus

LOR T300 B+ 

Three Phase, HF AC/DC TIG welding inverter for industrial use.

Gas cooled or upgrade to water cooled, and add trolley for extra mobility.

Smart technology controls the arc for maximum stability and penetration, and low energy consumption.

Pulse and fast pulse up to 2 kHz

HF ignition or ContacTig (contact ignition in HF sensitive environments).

12kg weight, strengthened case so protected against damage from falls up to 60 cm.

All BasicPlus models of the LORCH T series TIG machines are fitted with an entry level, upgradeable synergic operating panel. 

ControlPro version pictured has Tiptronic job memory for up to 100 welding tasks plus digital display for welding currwent and welding voltage.

Synergic welding machines store a range of digital control software programmes in their memory. This type of control means that when a single setting is adjusted, the other settings are automatically changed by the machine to keep to the best synergic curve for that specific welding job.

The LORCH synergic operating panel offers access to a wide range of welding programs for various material, gas, wire combinations, PLUS the ability to be upgraded with more current, and future, welding processes and features at minimal cost as you require.

LORCH Warranty

100% manufactured in Germany and backed by a full 3 Year industrial warranty - no matter how many shifts you run.


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