High output, high productivity TIG welding for the industrial workshop.

Three Phase, AC/DC TIG welding inverter, gas cooled or water cooled, in tough metal housing designed to last.

Innovative, cutting-edge microprocessor control technology which is unique to LORCH.

High Inverter frequency of 80kHz, very fast control and very smooth current for optimal TIG.

Standard pulse and High Frequency pulse up to 20 kHz. 

The special amplitude of the alternating current combined with an optimised current balance ensures superior results welding aluminium pin particular.

240 Amps @ 60% duty cycle.

The microprocessor control gives a very tightly constricted arc with exceptionally good stability:

  • Arc stabilization reduces the need for HF igntion when AC welding. (T
  • AC-welding  without HF-ignition eliminates HF-disturbance, eg near CNC tables/computers, and gives a 40% reduction in Arc noise (measured in decibels) – as well as avoids HF burn out of torches.

Synergic operating panel with digital display for welding current and welding voltage.

Tiptronic job memory for up to 100 welding tasks.

Remote control options available.

LORCH Warranty

100% manufactured in Germany and backed by a full 3 Year industrial warranty - no matter how many shifts you run.


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