In keeping with our quest to maximise efficiency in our customer's workshops, we stock a competitively priced range of commonly used welding abrasives designed and manufactured by KLINGSPOR.

German company KLINGSPOR has been at the forefront of its industry since 1893. One of the first to produce wet and dry sandpaper in 1926 at the request of Henry Ford, first again with high speed cutting discs in 1950, and still today one of the world's largest and most respected abrasive manufacturers making some of the highest quality products for industrial applications.

We particularly like the technical support and research with which KLINGSPOR backs up its products. Our testing has shown KLINGSPOR cutting and grinding discs out-perform other brand discs in timed trials and the new technology flap discs are even more surprising in speed and stock removal. All KLINGSPOR products are iron-free and produced from synthetic materials, no minerals are mined.

No matter whether your need is for a standard application or if you have a more specialised requirement, we invite you to speak to us to discover the right abrasive product at the right price, and backed up by expert advice.

The new generation KLINGSPOR Flap discs are making a big difference in workshops as multi-purpose grinding and blending discs.

The KLINGSPOR SMT discs can be used for both heavy weld removal (as with a hard grinding disc) and/or final blending and clean-up (as with a fibre disc).

Klingspor invented the original high speed cutting-off wheel and has continued to front innovation in the field of cut-off and grinding discs.

The Special class of cut-off wheels have the highest service life and cutting performance; cut fast with minimal burr formation and low thermal load.

The long service life ensures the best value for money, spend a little more to gain a lot more.

Can be used on steel, stainless and non-ferrous metals.

Available in range of sizes.

The Klingspor A24 EXTRA grinding disc is a standard depressed centre disc for universal use in metal working.

Designed for major surface grinding as well as edge bevelling and burr removal.

Tough discs to be run at high level of attack for maximum stock removal with long service life, on all standard angle grinders.

Excellent value for your money.

Available in range of sizes.