KLINGSPOR Abrasive Flap Discs

The new generation KLINGSPOR Flap discs are making a big difference in workshops as multi-purpose grinding and blending discs.

The KLINGSPOR SMT discs can be used for both heavy weld removal (as with a hard grinding disc) and/or final blending and clean-up (as with a fibre disc).

Tests comparing KLINGSPOR Flap discs performance to standard KLINGSPOR grinding discs show higher stock removal,  plus the flap discs are quieter to run with noticeably less sparks produced.

Popular are the SMT 624 convex Flap discs. The tough zirconia alumina grain  of the SMT 624 is self-sharpening, so it keeps forming new sharp edges whilst grinding. Extra-tough, extra-strong and extra-safe KLINGSPOR SMT624 Flap discs are perfect to be used in preference to grinding discs in many applications.

The SMT 624 also has a 12° angled backing plate which allows the disc to be used on more severely curved surfaces like pipes and storage tanks.

A built-in fiber-reinforced consumable backing plate eliminates the need for a separate backing pad and, in most cases, standard angle grinder mounting nuts can be used.