Kobe MX100T

AWS : A5.18 E70C-6C/6M

ISO : 17632-A: T42 2 M C/M1 H5

Best choice for all-position welding of thin sheet, mild steel and 490 N/mm2 high tensile steel as MX100T can run at very low amps with no burn-through. Also used for root passes with no ceramic backing.

Kobe MX100T is a very special, all-positional, metal cored wire for two reasons; it can be run as low as 50 amps and it can be used for welding root passes without the need for ceramic backing. Better deposition rate, faster and less wire used than TIG or electrode welding such work.

This makes it the ideal wire for welding thin sheets and root runs; low temperatures mean no distortion  or burn through.

MX100T can be used for welding root passes without ceramic backing, for example in pipeline construction, which also contributes to significant gains in productivity when compared to the TIG or stick electrode process.

 MX-100T uses either CO2 gas or Ar+CO2 gas mixtures for shielding. 

Weld faster and smarter with this wire..

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