Kobe MX-A70C6LF

AWS : A5.18 E70C-6M

ISO : 17632-A: T42 3 M M 3 H5

Seismic Grade 3, ideal for welding medium to thick plate joints with maximum efficiency.

Superbly engineered Japanese quality wire. First of the low fuming metal cored wires to be developed.

MX-A70C6LF has a very high deposition rate, fast travel speed, produces clean, high quality welds with excellent penetration and sidewall fusion.

Very low hydrogen, excellent crack resistance.

 Kobe MX-A70C6LF is designed to be used with Argon/CO2, with a relatively wide range of operating parameters

Ease of use is so good even apprentice welders can consistently produce perfect welds! Very smooth and forgiving of gaps, poor fit-up.

With a seismic rating of grade 3, it is ideal for use in structural fabrication and other manufacturing work where structural strength, integrity and reliability is paramount.

MX-A70C6LF produces significantly less fume than other flux cored wires, so it is safer for the welder and the general workshop environment.

75%-95% Ar - CO2 shielding gas.

We have seen large efficiency gains made using this wire in down-hand welding compared to conventional metal cored wire, which has led to substantial cost savings.

The proof is in the performance, call us for a demonstration.


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