Nippon SM-3A

Nippon NSSW wire

AWS : A5.36 E81T9-C1A8-Ni1-H4

ISO : 17632-A; T42 4 Z M M 1 H5

Seamless metal cored wire for welding flat butt and fillet joints.

Excellent usability

Impact toughness at low temperature down to -40 deg.

Seismic Grade 3.

SM-3A is a metal cored wire which represents the best of Japanese technology in welding wires; seamless, extremely low in hydrogen, double copper coated, meticulous targeted flux for maximum deposition and productivity. You will not find a better performing metal cored wire in the NZ market.

The wire is designed to be used both for automated and manual welding of horizontal butt welds plus fillet welds in the spray arc range.

It can also successfully be used in all positions in the short arc range (dip transfer mode).

SM-3A consists mainly of metal flux and this, combined with the concentration of current through the narrow sheath enhancing high melt-off rates, ensures very high deposition and thus high productivity.

One out-standing feature is its very low hydrogen content, typically 2ml/100g which, thanks to the seamless design and double coppercoating, remains virtually impervious to moisture during shipping and storage.

The double copper-coating enhances current transfer between contact tip and wire resulting in a stable arc as well as maximising smooth feedability of the wire during use.

Only minor surface silica isles are produced which greatly reduces re-ignition problems and ensures the welding of multiple layers without the need for inter run de-slagging.

The exacting engineering and manufacture also ensures perfect roundness of the wire, which produces stable and even wire feeding, no twisting or pig-tailing.

Nippon (NSSW) SM-3A is used with Ar/CO2 mix shielding gas.

To trial this wire, please call Welding Engineers NZ Ltd, 09 634 1949.

NSSW SM-3A Horizontal Welding

NSSW Flux and Cored (SM-3A) Vertical Up Welding

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