Nippon SM-3A

AWS : A5.36 E81T9-C1A8-Ni1-H4

ISO : 17632-A; T42 4 Z M M 1 H5

Copper coated, seamless, Seismic Grade 3 metal cored wire with exceptional arc stability and smooth running.

Diffusible hydrogen content is as low as solid wire, excellent crack resistance.

Exceptional for a metal cored wire, it can be used in all positions for single pass welding. 

Combine with customized speed process programme on a Lorch MicorMIG welding machine for up to 30% further gain in speed.

SM-3A is a metal cored wire which represents the best of Japanese technology in welding wires; seamless, extremely low in hydrogen, double copper coated, meticulous targeted flux for maximum deposition and productivity. You will not find a better performing metal cored wire in the NZ market.

SM-3A consists mainly of metal flux and this, combined with the concentration of current through the narrow sheath enhancing high melt-off rates, ensures very high deposition and thus high productivity.

One out-standing feature is its very low hydrogen content, typically 2ml/100g which, thanks to the seamless design and double coppercoating, remains virtually impervious to moisture during shipping and storage. Minimises risk of hydrogen or cold cracking.

The double copper-coating enhances current transfer between contact tip and wire resulting in a stable arc as well as maximising smooth feedability of the wire during use.

Only minor surface silica isles are produced which greatly reduces re-ignition problems and ensures the welding of multiple layers without the need for de-slagging between passes.

Very low spatter and fuming, virtually no clean-up work required.

The exacting engineering and manufacture also ensures perfect roundness of the wire, which produces stable and even wire feeding, no twisting or pig-tailing.

Nippon (NSSW) SM-3A is used with Ar/CO2 mix shielding gas.

To trial this wire, please call Welding Engineers NZ Ltd, 09 634 1949.

NSSW SM-3A Horizontal Welding

NSSW Flux and Cored (SM-3A) Vertical Up Welding

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