CIGWELD products have been developed in Australia for the Australian engineering and welding markets, to meet the needs of end-users in the fields of energy generation, mining, earthmoving, transportation, etc. It's a tough country that demands top performance and life from the machines and tools used to develop it.

Being our closest neighbour, CIGWELD products have become both well-known and popular in similar engineering and manufacturing fields here, both machinery and covered electrodes are sought out.

CIGWELD is a major brand of cutting and welding products marketed by ESAB in Asia Pacific. Other brands in the ESAB family also available from Welding Engineers include ESAB, Victor Thermal Dynamics, TWECO, ARCAIR and Stoody.

CIGWELD has several manufacturing plants around the world and teams from each work together to ensure the continued advancement of product performance and the development of new products.

CIGWELD is an ISO accredited company and manufactures to meet the specified standards across a wide range of products. It's a brand New Zealanders can rely on.

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