LORCH X350 ControlPro VRD

LOR 11635101

The smallest, toughest 350Amp inverter arc welder in the NZ market, and probably the world, today.

Compact size and weight (18.6kg) for portability, designed for harsh environments and exceeds the standards needed for professional performance.

Extremely powerful, with optimized performance for rutile and basic electrodes up to 8mm, and cellulosic up to 6mm.

MicorUp - Special function for vertical seam welding - no weaving required, just straight up at consistent speed.

 LORCH's MicroBoost technology stores voltage and power to deliver exceptional starting and arc control, this ensures a smooth and stable arc with up to 200m of cables!

  • Fall protection from up to 60cm height, special base construction for stability and ground/water clearance, all round protection against water ingress
  • 415V and multi-voltage, single and 3 phase power input options
  • With Hotstart, Anti-Stick and Arc-Force regulation technology
  • DC TIG with ContacTIG
  • Optional Polarity Switch 
  • The LORCH X350 can also be used with semi-automatic MIG-MAG wire feeder cases, (CC and CV curve)
  • MicorBoost resonance control technology gives both maximised efficiency and low energy consumption
  • Gouging applications handled easily
  • VRD - voltage reduction device built-in for extra safety on site
  • Racking system for big onsite jobs with a number of X350s also available

LORCH X and MX Series Brochure

Check this short clip of a LORCH X350 performing in a tank under water spray!

LORCH X350 Wet action


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