We will help you put together the most efficient welding machine package to suit your requirements, set up and test the welder and accessory equipment, provide introductory training for the operator and give you on-going support to ensure you get the best from your investment.

We stock MIG, TIG, stick and arc welders with a focus on the newest inverter welder technology.

Just as there was a big leap forward from transformers to inverters, the new high speed inverter welding machines promise even greater efficiencies. Developed by LORCH of Germany, these innovative technologies not only improve speed but other key welding parameters to optimize productivity.

NEWSFLASH!  Congratulations to LORCH, winners of "The Best New Welding Product Supplier" in the 2018 Welding Worlds Awards for the unquely innovative MicorMIG range of welders with MicorBoost and NFC technology. Check out the MicorMIGs here LORCH welding machines

Overall, our range of welders are selected to suit the requirements and budgets of welding work ranging from heavy duty, high use to refined and exacting quality jobs.

We also have a range of small welders suitable for industrial off-site work where portability is important.

What all our welders have in common is quality, durability and reliability, take a look at our range of welding machines on this site and call us for further information and expert advice.

Welding machines are an asset to choose with care - our aim is to provide the most efficient welding supply solution for you.

LOR 10801800

Handy by name, handy by nature! TIG and electrode welding, ACDC and DC models available.

This little TIG welding inverter is ideal for use on construction sites or out in the field, extra light and extra strong.

Easy, intuitive operation. AC/DC models effortlessly toggle between the two and make welding stainless steel or aluminium simple options.

The LORCH HandyTIG can even pulse! Exceptionally well suited to welding thin sheets.

Extra-robust, industrial casing protects if dropped from heights of up to 60cm (AC/DC models) or 80cm, (DC models) - three times the standard required!

LORCH MicorMIG 400 ControlPro + WF

Powerful MIG-MAG all rounder for every application. 

Future-proof your business with the latest technology encased in a top quality German engineered welding machine system.

It has never been easier or more affordable to upgrade a welding system as your needs change, the Basic Plus entry level synergic operating system gives you options now and in the future! Customizable package to suit your needs.

Easy to upgrade welding programs, processes, usage control; all with a swipe of a card thanks to LORCH's Near Frequency Communication technology. 

Gas and water cooled variants, remote wire feed units with strengthened industrial casing.

LORCH MicorMIG 400

All Basic Plus models of the MicorMIG range are fitted with entry level, upgradeable synergic operating panel. 

Synergic welding machines store a range of digital control software programmes in their memory. This type of control means that when a single setting is adjusted, the other settings are automatically changed by the machine to keep to the best synergic curve for that specific welding job.

LORCH synergic operating panel offers access to a wide range of welding programs for various material, gas, wire combinations, PLUS the ability to be upgraded with more current, and future, welding processes and features at minimal cost as you require.

As with the rest of the LORCH MicorMIG range, the 400 amp variants also deliver power beyond the norm by way of the patented MicorBoost technology, essentially turbo-charging the inverter operation.

Available as gas cooled or water cooled models.

KEM 6412510

The Kempact RA Mig welders are innovative, smart welding machines which make welding like a professional easy.

The 323 Adaptive machine is a three phase with portability around the workshop.

CIGWELD WeldSkill 185

The WeldSkill 185 is a single phase, multi-process inverter ideal for trade or DIY.

Runs on any 10amp powerpoint and simple to operate.

Equally easy whether you run MIG, Stick or use Lift TIG capability.

So it's versatile, portable, reliable and exceptional value for your money.

What more could you want?!

WeldSkill 155 & 185 video

Technical Specifications


LOR 10820020

DC TIG welding inverter with MicroBoost Technology - this is a seriously awesome little machine!

The innovative, on-demand technology gives great efficiency gains compared to conventional inverters of this type and lowers power consumption.

Excellent electrode welding as well as TIG.

The MicorTIG 200 can even pulse! Exceptionally well suited to welding thin sheets.

Robust and protected if dropped from heights of up to 80cm, three times the standard required.

Available in New Zealand from September 2018.

LORCH MicorMIG 400 ControlPro + WF

All the best features of the MicorMIG Series; MicorBoost, Speed Processes, Dynamic Control, now + Pulse! 

New in 2018, LORCH has made the pulse function accessible and affordable without sacrificing quality of performance.

MicorMIG Pulse arc combined with quick-action control technology - no matter if you weld steel, stainless or aluminium, pulse will improve your weld to a flawless finish and reduce rework.

LORCH MicorMIG 400 ControlPro + WF

Future-proof your business with the latest technology encased in a top quality German engineered welding machine system.

It has never been easier or more affordable to upgrade a welding system as your needs change, ControlPro gives you options now and in the future! Easy to upgrade welding programs, processes, usage control, all with a swipe of a card. 

Versatile, robust, simple to control, intuitive digital interface. Gas and water cooled variants.

The MicorMIG Series delivers power beyond the norm thanks to the unique LORCH patented MicorBoost technology for outstanding welding performance.

Plus the MicorMIG 400amp and larger machines can handle gouging electrodes.

LORCH MicorMIG 400

Want the most efficient MIG welder at a very competitive price? 

The MicorMIG 400 delivers power beyond the norm thanks to the unique LORCH patented MicorBoost technology. Versatile, robust, simple to control. For steel, stainless, aluminium, sheet or medium to heavy fabrication, the MicorMIG can do it all.

Plus the MicorMIG can handle electrodes, including gouging on the 400amp and larger machines.

Gas cooled, remotw wire feed unit.

LORCH MicorMIG 350

LORCH MicorMIGs simply set new standards in MIG welding. Designed to be all-round, versatile, compact MIG machines suitable for every application, their unique patented MicorBoost technology ramps up the power to out-perform the competition.

The smallest of the three phase range, the MicorMIG 350 Basic Plus model comes a compact with the wire feeder internal, ideal for portability.

The Basic Plus operating panel is entry level, easily upgradeable, synergic operation for smooth perfect arc with adjustable dynamic control.

For a 300amp mig welder, you would be hard pressed to weld better than with a LORCH MicorMIG.

Call us on 09 634 1949 to arrange a trial.

LORCH MicorStick 160
LOR 11116250

Compact, robust, and powerful arc welding inverter for perfect electrode welding.

Light, at under 5 kg, and protected if dropped from heights of up to 80cm.

Ideal for demanding site jobs, LORCH's MicroBoost technology puts this little welder well ahead of the international pack!

LORCH S3 mobile SpeedPulse XT
LOR 22032001

Familiar with the Cigweld 320SP? Made by LORCH and, for a long time, the most popular pulse welder in NZ.

 The LORCH S3 mobile SpeedPulse XT is the latest version; faster, smarter, intuitive to use, with incredibly innovative technology which is  unique to LORCH.

The S-series pulse machines have taken Europe by storm! Welding aluminium? You need to try the S3!

KEM 61002180VRD

Kemppi Minarc Evo 180 portable inverter welding machine with large voltage reserves and automatic arc force control is designed for professional on-site use.

KEM 63104002

A quality inverter welding system which is extremely good value for money. Small enough to be portable, strong steel casing, designed for maximum efficiency in challenging environments such as high rise structures or shipyards..

KEM 6412510

The Kempact RA Mig welders are innovative, smart welding machines which make welding like a professional easy.


The Cigweld Transmig 2RT Wirefeeder is a two roller drive system and is used predominately with steel.


The Cigweld Transmig 250i is one of the larger single phase inverters with full multiprocess capability and the latest technology ensuring consistent output even with fluctuating input power.


The Cigweld 320SP Pulse (power source) has been the most widely used synergic Mig PULSE machine in the NZ aluminium fabrication industries for many years.

The 320SP was made by LORCH of Germany and rebranded.

Known in Europe as the S3 mobile, the latest variant of this is now available in NZ direct from Lorch, same quality and ease of use, latest technology and with a full 3 year industrial warranty.

Check it out here:

LORCH S3 Mobile Pulse


The Cigweld Transmig 350i has been proven in the field as a very reliable three-phase multiprocess inverter.

It has the technology to maintain consistent output under variable input conditions and with ample duty cycles, popular for use in machine fabrication workshops.


The Cigweld Transmig 550i is a popular machine of choice in large steel structural fabrication workshops throughout NZ - for good reason.


The Cigweld Transmig VAF is compact, light-weight and easy to use wire feeder that is suitable for use on a broad range of power sources.


New in 2016, the latest in the WeldSkill range brings the inverter technology to the DIY market.


The Cigweld Weldskill 250C is one of the largest single phase transformer Mig machines in the market and has a growing reputation for quality welding performance; try them and you may be surprised at how well they weld.


Cigweld's WeldSkill 200HF, single phase, high frequency inverter TIG welder is a great little machine.

Single phase, operator-friendly, ideal for small fabrication shop or stainless work.

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