CHOSUN is a Korean company with strong links to KOBELCO STEEL (KOBE STEEL) of Japan, including technological alliances for the manufacture of welding wires and covered electrodes. CHOSUN began manufacture of electrodes in 1963 and upgraded to their first mechanized, continuous automated facility for covered electrodes with the assistance of KOBE STEEL in 1975 and have developed a number of modern manufacturing plants and their own R & D facility since. All CHOSUN filler metals are manufactured to meet Japanese JIS standards and European ISO standards.

CHOSUN produces over 150 different welding filler products and are probably best known in New Zealand for their CSF-71T and 71U range of flux cored wires and range of covered welding electrodes. Quality and reliability of product is very high, at a pricepoint which provides exceptional value for money.

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  • Chosun CI-400 Electrodes


    AWSA5.15 ENiFe-Cl

    CHO CI400 is used for welding of cast iron, repairing and joining of various kinds of cast iron products. Also suitable for underlaying of hardfacing. 


  • Chosun CL-101 Electrodes


    AWS: E6011

    Cellulose electrode for mild steel. Strong arc and rapid freezing suit welding in vertical and overhead positions. 

    Light slag formation, minimal spatter.

    Applications: pipes, buildings, thin sheets.

    Part No. CHO CL101


  • Chosun CR-13 Electrodes


    AWS: A5.1 E6013

    General purpose, titania type, electrode manufactured in Korea.

    Usability is excellent in all position welding, versatile and very user friendly.

    Especially suited to welding of light structural steels due to high arc stability, easy slag removal, shallow

  • Chosun CR-13V Electrodes


    AWS: A5.1 E6013

    General pupose, titania type.

    All-positional, particularly good for vertical down welding.

    Stable arc with little spatter and shallow penetration.

    Applications: steel sheet structures in ships, railway transport, vehicles.

    Part No. CHO

  • Chosun CR-24 Electrodes


    AWS E7024

    Iron powder, titania type.

    Very high efficiency and excellent arc re-striking property, slag almost self-lifting.

    Very economic when used for single pass, horizontal and flat-fillet welding. 

    Applications: ship building, structural steels of

  • Chosun CSF-309MOL

    AWS : A5.22 E309LT0(1)-1/-4

    Quality flux cored wire for welding 309 stainless steel and dissimilar metals made in Korea. 

    CSF-309MoL(P) is suitable for welding of 22%Cr-12%Ni-2%Mo steel and heat resistant steel and dissimilar joints such as a stainless

  • Chosun CSF-316L

    AWS : A5.22 E316LT0(1)-1/-4

    ISO 17633-A T 19 12 3 L R C1[M21] 3
    ISO 17633-B TS 316L-F C1[M21] 0

    Flux-cored wire suitable for welding of low carbon 18%Cr-12%Ni-2%Mo stainless steel.

    Fillet, all-positional welding,

  • Chosun CSF-600H

    CHO CSF-600H12

     Flux cored wire for hard-facing in high wear applications

  • Chosun CSF-71T

    AWS : E71T-1C, -M

    ISO : 17632-A: T42 0 P C[M] 1 H10

    All-positional, Seismic grade 2, flux cored wire suitable for butt, fillet welding of mild steel and high tensile strength steels in light or non-structural work.

    Very good

  • Chosun CSF-71U

    AWS : 5.20 E71T-9C          

    ISO : 17632-A: T46 3 P C 1

    Seismic Grade 3, all-positional, flux cored wire designed for butt and fillet welding high strength and low temperature steels, particularly for

  • Chosun LC-318 Electrodes


    AWS: E7018

    Low hydrogen, iron powder electrodes.

    All-positional, high efficiency welding of high tensile strength steels, 50kgf/mm2 class.

    Applications: ship building, pressure vessels, bridges. 

    Part No. CHO LC318

    Chosun LH-100 Electrodes


    AWS: E7016

    Low hydrogen electrode with excellent crack resistance, mechanical properties and X-ray soundness.

    All positional welding can be easily done with the stable arc, good slag removal and bead appearance produced.

    Applications: heavy structural steels for ships,

  • Chosun LH-100V Electrodes


    AWS; E7048

    Low hydrogen electrode with excellent crack resistance, mechanical properties and X-ray soundness.

    All-positional but specifically designed for excellent vertical down welding.

    Applications: general heavy structural steels for ships, bridges, buildings,

  • Chosun MC-50T

    AWS : 5.18 ER70S-6 
    ISO : 14341-A G 42 A 3 C1[M21] Z or
    ISO :14341-B G 49 A 3 C1[M21] S12

    MC-50T is a solid wire whose arc stability is good at low current ranges (short-circuiting arc range) and spatter loss is low....

  • Chosun NC-309L Electrodes


    AWS: A5.4 E309L-16

    Lime-titania type, all-positional electrodes.

    For welding of extra-low carbon 22%Cr-12%Ni stainless steels and dissimilar metals.

    Excellent weldability and its ultra-low carbon weld metal as welded is excellent in corrosion resistibility and

  • Chosun NC316L Electrodes


    AWS: A5.4 E316L-16

    Lime titania type, all-positional electrodes for welding 316L stainless steels.

    Excellent quality electrode with good crackability, corrosion resistance, and creep rupture strength.

    Good usability.

    Part No. CHO NC316L


  • Chosun TIG 316LSI

    CHO 316LSI09

    Chosun TIG 316L is suitable for TIG welding stainless steel. Shielding gas is Argon.

  • Chosun TIG TGC309L

    AWS A5.9 ER309LSI

    Stainless TIG wire for welding of 22%Cr-12%Ni steel, 18%Cr-8%Ni clad steel and dissimilar steels such as low alloy steel or mild steel to stainless steel.


  • Chosun TIG TGC50s

    AWS : 5.18 ER70S-6

    ISO 636-A W 42 A 3 3Si1 OR
    ISO 636-B W 49 A 3 12

    Chosun TIG TGC-50S solid TIG wire is for welding of mild steel, high tensile strength steel, one side-shielded welding of pipes.

    Argon gas