Welding Engineers NZ Ltd is the sole authorised distributor of flux and metal cored welding wires produced by Nippon Steel & Sumikin Welding Co.,Ltd. (NSSW), often called Nippon wires in New Zealand.

NSSW is a subsidiary company of Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal Corporation( NSSMC), the largest steel manufacturer in Japan and one of the top three in the world. Their welding materials are developed in concert with their steel products to meet the developing needs of their customers worldwide.

Unlike many wire manufacturers, NSSW have access to the very best base metal at a cost effective price, in this case the virgin 'A' grade steel produced by Nippon Steel.

Their wires are filled with flux longitudinally rather than vertically to ensure an even spread of flux ingredients, dried, sealed and double copper coated.

They have typically have a very low hydrogen content and are virtually impervious to moisture during shipping and storage, so minimal risk of cold cracking and perfect for use when low diffusible hydrogen is particularly important.

Superb Japanese engineering ensures the wires are perfectly round in cross-section so there is no spiralling or pig-tailing when run.

Perhaps best known of the Nippon wires sold by Welding Engineers in New Zealand is the SF-1E, a seismic grade, seamless flux-cored wire with very low hydrogen content.

 NSSW flux cored welding wires in vertical up welding

NSSW metal cored wire in horizontal welding

Cold Cracking - Low Hydrogen

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